Real Estate Agents can make good commissions

Get paid just by referring buyers and investors to us

BEST DEAL FLORIDA.com help worlwide real estate agents to earn a good passive commission.


  • Easy
  • Legal
  • Passive
  • Profitable
  • Unlimited referrals


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We recognize the importance of our customers. It is through our network that we are able to help so many people. Because we are dedicated to offer the best deals to our customers, we  offer a referral fee for all referrals that are brought to us that result in a the closing of a property. We trust that our network of clients will provide us with names and numbers of those who can use our services in the Florida Real estate market. 

We help real estate agents:
Earn up to 25% in commission when you refer a buyer or an investor to our group. We will pay you at closing.
M. Dupont, Real estate Broker.